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The GHU Paris, which number of patients is the highest in Europe, has an innovative research plan in the fields of psychiatry and neurosciences thanks to its both university (Paris Sorbonne Cité) and scientific (Inserm, Centre de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences) integration. It embodies a major innovation laboratory in terms of studies to improve the physicians and healing staff’s professional practices.

The research activity within the GHU Paris, it’s:

  • 7 teaching departments
  • 150 scientific publications per year
  • 1 Psychiatry and Neurosciences Center which counts 10 Inserm units

Inspired by the national plan of territorial research, the GHU Paris wishes to promote a similar organization within Paris to democratize the research’s tools, the knowledge and skills transfer as well as the knowledge’s diffusion, linked with the AP-HP, referential hospital.
The general objective of this plan is to promote the multidisciplinary researches in the mental health field based on an increased collaboration between the local structures and the teaching departments.

Research will be structured around the following topics:

  • Psychosis and cognitive remediation,
  • Resistant depression and psychopharmacology,
  • Eating disorders and alcohology,
  • Emergencies and behavioral addictions.

To these “psychiatric” topics are added the Neurosciences ones:

  • Multimodal imaging platform,
  • Neurocognitive and vascular illnesses.

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