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Quality and security of the care

The members of the GHU Paris – Psychiatry and Neurosciences are committed to a coordinated quality and risks management process for a joint and continuous improvement of the care given.

The GHU for the Parisian psychiatry has put the ambition to improve and make the patients’ circuits more fluid at the heart of its strategy and joint medical plan. It is setting up a proactive policy of cooperation development with all the actors of the mental health field.

Initiated in 2014, the quality and risks management coordination for the structures has permitted the development of joint projects. It is based on a unique Steering committee which mission is to order the actions to be undertaken in the field of quality and security of the care given.

Based on the major risks identified within the Maison-Blanche hospital, Sainte-Anne hospital and Perray-Vaucluse hospital, a program for the improvement of the quality and the security of the care given has been elaborated, following five lines:

  • Ensure the patient’s rights and information as well as his relatives
  • Welcome the patient and coordinate his care circuit
  • Guarantee the security of the care given to the patients
  • Optimize the quality and security culture (including the Professional Practices Evaluation)
  • Prevent the professional risks and promote the quality of life at work.


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