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Neurosciences healthcare Package

Neuro-Sainte-Anne has developped a proximity healthcare package for all nervous system related illnesses. It is the « adult neurosciences » department of the Medicine Faculty of the Paris Descartes University.

In the specialties belonging to the neurosciences field, the Neuro-Sainte-Anne Department progresses again and come in 7th position among the 811 hospitals caring strokes. It’s the only Ile-de-France based hospital of the top 10. Additionally, Neuro-Sainte-Anne strengthens its level of excellence in the care given to brain aneurysms by being part of the 15 best hospitals, or in the field of epilepsy care (29th out of 744). It is part of the 30 best neurosurgery departments of France.

This department is composed of :

  • One neurology teaching service: 52 beds in neurology with a Neuro-Vascular Unit (NVU) of 32 beds including 10 places of critical care (NVCCU), one unit of general neurology which counts 3 complete hospitalization beds, 8 week-hospitalization beds and 4 day hospital beds, one memory and language unit counting 5 day hospital beds
  • One neurosurgery teaching service: 10 neuro-intensive-care beds, Post-Interventional-Surveillance-Rooms, one electroconvulsive therapy service
  • One Physical Medicine and Neurological Rehabilitation service: 10 complete hospitalization beds and 8 day hospital beds
  • One stomatology and maxillofacial surgery service
  • One neuropathology teaching service
  • One neurophysiology service
  • One diagnostical and interventional neuroimaging teaching service

Neuro-Sainte-Anne is a collaborative research center linked with the Psychiatry and Neurosciences Center and counts 4 teaching services. Training center, it is also the place where interns are formed and proposes numerous University Degrees and Inter University Degrees.

The teams receive vascular neurology emergencies, neurosurgery emergencies and interventional neuroradiology emergencies of Ile-de-France and offer a multidisciplinary care with a 24/7 MRI access. The imaging service proposes advice from remote experts thanks to the development of teleimaging.

Partners of Neuro-Sainte-Anne

Neuro-Sainte-Anne has built partnerships in order to organize its principal emergency services and the ones planned in its area.

Collaborations are for example implemented in the neuro-vascular, neuro-oncology, epilepsy, aftercare and rehabilitation sectors with the following partners:

  • Paris Descartes University’s Hospitals: Hôpital Européen Georges PompidouHôpital CochinHôpital Necker
  • Inner Paris Hospitals: Saint-Joseph Hospital, Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, Gustave Roussy University Hospital, Quinze-Vingts Hospital, Tenon Hospital, Croix saint Simon Hospital
  • Within the Ile-de-France: Nord Essonne Hospitals, Fontainebleau-Nemours Hospital, Villeneuve Saint-Georges Hospital, Poissy Saint-Germain Hospital…


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