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CH Sainte Anne is distinguished in the ranking of the 2015 hospitals


Press release

CH Sainte Anne is distinguished in the ranking of the 2015 hospitals – all results

Paris, August 28, 2015 – last week appeared the annual ranking of french hospitals and clinics in the weekly Le Point. In addition to the usual GPS supported charts, the magazine conducted for the second time a specific census of the supported in Psychiatry; the Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne stands on many occasions in several specialities, both in the field of mental health and neurosciences. Furthermore, the establishment is a reportage on the electroconvulsive therapy under the title “the incredible contrast of electroconvulsive therapy” (to read here:

While taking measure of the many rankings and charts which reflect only a portion of the hospital reality, we see in this recent illustration recognition of the effectiveness of the support granted within our institution.

It is an opportunity for us to congratulate staff of Sainte-Anne for their commitment and professionalism, and for the quality of the service provided to users. In a media context more prompt criticism as praise, very good positioning of our establishment in this national ranking is indeed a positive signal to the general public, and to those who have worked to achieve these results.

CH-Sainte-Anne is indeed again in first place at the national level in support of depression and also gets the first place in the classification of establishments dealing with schizophrenia. The drafting of Point focused this year on support for disorders of food behavior, where the House occupies second place, with a score of 19.87/20.

In the field of neurosciences, 788 hospitals supporting the strokes, the Erika is 9th. Sainte-Anne is also among the “35 best” institutions of the hexagon making acts of neurosurgery, and among the 50 best in surgery of the spine. Finally, the House services are recognised among the top 25 in support of the cerebral aneurysm.

These findings, representative of the high-level issued in all the specialties of the House, care support us in the medical and health care strategy that we, within the institution, and more broadly in the context of the community hospitable territory for the Psychiatry Parisienne1 which we seat. Several partners (1) institutions, including EPS White House, are also the places of choice in the classification designed by item.

This recognition confirms the potential for excellence and the dynamism of institutions that make up the CHT in the service of the Parisian patient.


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